Monday, 21 December 2009

A busy December and a lot done...

December is always busy and I really did not think I would find time to do much scrapbooking at all but somehow I have! At my crop this month, a couple of the ladies were doing the journal your Christmas and it got me thinking...wouldn't it be nice to do that as its Emily's first Christmas....anyway you know what I am going to say next - yes I bought the online class and I have made some progress. I am upto day 8 but quite pleased with what i have done so far. I am reading the daily promts to make sure I get the right photos as I am a little behind.

So here is what I have done so far, the pages are a nice size, 6x6.
1 - is about why I wanted to do the class - as its Emily's first xmas and as a keepsake for her.
2 - is my "perfect weather" and I wrote how a white xmas might make it difficult to see the family.
3 - is the first xmas card we received and some details about who from, when i wrote ours etc.
4 - is "what makes a perfect xmas" I have of course said, being with our family!
This next picture is lo's 5 - 8
5 - Advent - with Emily's calendar
6 - Past Christmases - this is us in 2006
7 - Is a to do list of what i had left to do that day and also about being on maternity leave and home for the festive season first time ever
8 - A photo of today - I chose this as Emily met a friend this day and it was the first time she had "played" with another baby so a good memory.

I have not followed the promts totally but as much as possible but I am pleased with my book so far - check back to see if I do actually complete it some time in the future!

I mentioned I went to my crop this month. I really enjoyed seeing everyone (hi if you are reading this). I had Emily with me so it wasn't the esaiest task in the world. I did however manage to do the next 2 lo's and I finished the titles and embellies at home.

This first one is a picture taken in the hospital when Emily was about 18 hours old. It is a 3 generations photo. I have used the new Fancy pants papers and they are gorgeous.

This second lo was done using Fancy pants - daily grind papers. I am quite pleased with how it turned out although it was one of those lo's that turned out nothing like I had planned. These photos were taken when we weren in Spain with my mum and family in June. Didn't I do well to scrap a non-baby related lo!

This lo's of Emily I did today. I had initially planned to use BG Eskimo kisses for this photo but thought the indian summer matched much better and I am now beginning to wish I bought the whole range of this - never mind! If it wasn't for Mel's bad influence I wouldn't have any of it - so thanks Mel!!! This is one of my fav dresses Emily had in Newborn. This photo was taken at 23 days old and I love the way her little legs are crossed!
This next lo has been made using the December Gogo mini kit and its pretty much a lift of the original. The title fit this photo so well as this is the photo i took and printed off to send in with the christmas cards so i guess she is wishing everyone a merry christmas!
This final lo has been made using MME papers - I do. Iain bought this T-shirt especially and of course I had to photograph him in it when I see him (I didn't know he had bought it). These papers matched really well I thought and he is such a proud daddy!
Thanks for taking the time to pop by and read this long post. Hope I haven't bored you too much and I will keep you updated with my progress on the JYC.
Elaine xxx