Saturday, 4 December 2010

Cc so far...

Not v clear but 3 Los not too bad
This was the what makes a perfect Xmas challenge

This was the learn to ski class with no stitching. This didn't turn out as well as planned.

This ischia Santa challenge from this morning.

Quite pleased with the first and third Lo s and nice to use some photos from last year on Lo s I only used a few in the jyc up till now
Thanks foe reading.

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Thursday, 2 December 2010

December daily

Hello. Long time no posts!
I've decided to do the December daily journal this year rather than jyc. Being organised for z change I've actually managed to make the first 2 pages already!
I love how these albums build up and it should be easier starting on day 1 this time rather than 2 weeks in.

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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A few more

My sarahs cards kit

Wk before last twisted sketch with no twist!

This wk twisted sketch with tree twist!

Thanks for looking x

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Sunday, 29 August 2010

What a difference tidying a craftroom makes!

Well I havent done much crafting over the last month...i think the state of my craft room has been a bit of a factor. I was hoping to get new storage system but thats not doing to happen anytime soon cos the time to get to ikea so i will have to make do.
My crop wasn't even that productive this month, due too a little madam that didnt really want me to craft. I only managed to do this lo.

Here are a couple of lo's that I did earlier in the month, I found this pp (cosmo garden variety) and knew it would be perfect for these photos!

This next one is the August week 1 challenge on uks. I cannot remember all the elements but i know learning and abc were 2 of them! I have used OA papers.

This next LO I have no idea when I started i was clearing up yesterday and come across it anyway i felt inspired to finish it this time. This is the little coat that my uks teammate Chris gave to Emily I loved this coat.

This next LO I did last night for the August Wk 4 challenge on uks - something old and new and circles, well the photo is old and new with a new baby and old great grandad but also this was an old cosmo kit and the little butterfly is from the new cosmo together.

I then decided to have a look at my new Sarahscards kit today. I made these next 2 lo's. They are the peachy keen papers which are lovely. I am quite pleased with how both of these turned out - see tidying my craftroom last night did help!

This final lo using peachy keen were some photos taken at Jimmys farm in April.
As always thanks for reading and I will try and not leave it so long next time
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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Saturday cropping

Well I had a busy day at my crop yesterday despite having little Emily with me. I managed 5 lo's thats got to be my best in a long time! I had to do a few finishing touches at home but i think they are just about done now although one is waiting for ink to dry still!
The first i used the new bo bunny rusted sun (i think its called)

This second one the photo has gone funny again :( but i have used peeble inc papers.

The third one I have used an old bo bunny range. I have been wanting to scrap these photos for a while so glad i got round to it.

This next lo was Jan gogo kit but its BG nook and pantry pp. Pear was her first meal after babyrice so i thought i would record it.

And this last one was the first ever meal that she had i am not sure what these papers are - october afternoon i think.

It was nice to have a productive day and other than the holiday lo these are all quite old photos so glad to get them scrapped - esp as i have another set of photos due to arrive this week :) I hope to make up some more page kits for my crops soon as they clearly work well for me.
Thanks for taking the time to look x
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Friday, 16 July 2010

Atdml sketch 12

Here is my take on the sketch on the created by atdml blog. Used largely a gogo kit from January

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Thursday, 15 July 2010


I have a couple more bits to show you. I have managed to do another 4 pages for my jyc its very slowly getting there now! I want to do a little bit more and hopefully get it done shortly but i am still deciding on my patterned paper for page 27!!

Here it my weekly challenge for the uk team challenge this week. For some reason the picture on the post has gone funny :(

Thanks for reading x

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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Christmas journal better late than never?

Well I am still being productive....I never quite finished my xmas journal but luckily i wrote all the info down that i wanted to include and printed the photos. Its actually really nice doing this now a few months on as its great remembering the memories.
Here are 4 pages that I have done tonight. Hopefully I might get some more done over the appears that I am in a "finishing things" kind of mood!

Next year I think I am going to make the whole album using Crate North Pole papers. I think that would be good.

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Bluebells album

Well I have made another little album today. Its one with the photos i took of Emily with the bluebells. I am quite pleased with how it turned out and prefer it to yesterdays but i think thats cos it is nicer colours! For some reason this first photo has not worked properly but its ok if you click on it. I have used the new bo bunny peacock papers.


Thanks for reading my blog x

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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Wedding album

I have used the bo bunny album and also imaginsce papers to create this album of my sisters wedding. I had quite a few photos and i wanted to do something nice with them. I am sure I will do a couple of lo's for my main album too as these are the professional photos but i have my own photos that will need scrapbooking too.


Thanks for reading sorry some of the photos i have taken of the pages are blured it was quite hard to take photos of some of the darker pages xx

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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Twisted sketches

I often complete the twisted sketches at a later date but don't always use the twist! They have some fab sketches on there.
This first lo is last weeks sketch and the twist was bold so I have gone for some bold in the title. I have again used this months gorgeous srarahscards kit.

This second lo is last weeks sketch but have not used the twist. I have used the delovely papers. Had them z while now but not as easy to use as first thought.

Well that's my sunday scrapping so far today.
It's also emilys 8 month birthday and fathers day. Daddy is working but gonna make it special when he gets home

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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Weekly challenge

Well I actually got around to doing the weekly challenge again this week that's two weeks in a row now!

I was going to scrap this yesterday I chose the photo but couldn't find matching papers so when my sarahscards kit arrived this morning I thought they were a perfect match. I loved the 8 x 8 fancy edged piece that I will use as a template my eyes lit up at this as I'd wanted a template exactly like this so I was chugged and put to good use.
The phot is one of my favs Emmy had discovered grass and wouldnt look at the camera but it's great to have a natural type shot.
Thanks for looking x

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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Some more lo's

Well here are a couple more lo's that I've made today
This first one was made using the new bo bunny rising sun.

This second lo is bo bunny petal pushers. I love this photo taken at my sisters wedding it's done of the nicest ones of emily at the wedding as she was quite cold and upset most of the day.

-thats all for today thanks for Reading

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Saturday, 12 June 2010

My craft crop Today

Well a productive day was had at the craft crop. Its so much better having well planned page kits made up and so much more productive. I have spent a week or so making some up and it certainly paid off especially as Emily was not the most considerate baby in letting me scrap today! Without the page kits I doubt i would have done anything!
This first lo is Iain and Con bike riding whilst we were in spain. I have used the new bo bunny sun rising papers which i bought for these photos and think they match well.
Next up a lo of my mum whilst in spain. She was knitting a cardi - she has made quite a few for Emily and I wanted to document this. I have used cosmo material girl for this.
Next up some OCtober afternoon kite papers. This is Emily in her new swing - i need to put some gems on the butterflys i forgot before i took the photos.
This next lo is some random pics i took of Iain when he was planting up some new pots and stuff. I really liked them and thought i would scrap them so i have used cosmo garden variety papers.
This final lo is for my a-z I is for Issy Emily's little friend! I have used lucy bird papers for this lo.
Well as you can see a productive day and i was pleased with what i did. Thanks for stopping by and reading

Friday, 11 June 2010

Some lo's for June

Well June has been a reasonably good scrapbooking month so far :)
I have done another 2 lo's for the a-z. We have a & h so my next one will be I. I plan to work through them in order but i ordered different photos for A&H to what i have planned.
So here is A and i have used the lovely penny lane papers. Also the gorgeous butterfly punch on this one too.

The second lo is "House" for bubba house - this is what her mosses basket was nicknamed so quite appropriate really. I have used MLS paper here.
This third lo is the June week 1 challenge on uks. More MLS!
The final lo is the new bo bunny and pleased with how this turned out.

I am cropping tomo so should be some more soon - thanks for reading x

Saturday, 29 May 2010

May crop

Here are some lo's from my may crop that I never previously got around to uploading

The three a4 ones are to finally complete my mums album.


This one is the strip hotels in vegas for the Vegas album. It's nicevto go back and do the older lo's from Vegas at least I have all the photos printed now to get on with it.

Thanks for dropping by c

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