Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Malta Buses

Here is a lo based on a sketch by http://www.scrappingtonight.blogspot.com/
this is my take on the sketch using holiday photos from malta


This page was inspired by the pencillines sketch no 43. the lo is not quite the same but similar enough to count!lol
the photo was taken in Saturday we had a bbq at my sisters then spent most of the evening playing buzz!

Sunday, 29 July 2007

E for ebay

Challenge was to use:

2 pics, 1 word title, flowers, stamping or rub-on

I have actually failed the challenge for not using a rub-on or stamped image but I did not have the right inks to stamp the title and once I had put the lo together I felt that anything else would spoil it.

I love shopping..

A challenge set by Deb. I had to use pink and green, 2 photos and a photo anchor.

K is for Kiss....

This is my K for Kiss page that will be part of my a-z album it.
The challenge for this lo was to use 2 pp, 2 flowers, 2 pics and 2 buttons....I also added 4 brads and some ribbon too.
Hope you like my lo

Smile for the camera

This was another challenge, to use blue and lilac and something stiched.

The stiching was hard but the little circular tag on the bottom right has white stitching around the edge, it is not too clear on the picture

My Saturday

One of the things I wanted to do today was to "Scrapbook my Saturday" so here is my lo. It is based on the events of yesterday and there is journalling and pictures to show what I did throughout the day. It is quite a bright lo!

Things I hate

Another challenge, i actually thought it would be hard to come up with 10 things I hate but I found it surprisingly easy!!!

O is for "Oliver"

This is my "O" page for my a-z album. I am quite pleased with how it turned out as I had printed the photos off a while ago but just never got around to making the page happen! The lo ended up being inspired by 2 things...a challenge to use green, circles and squares but also the pencillines sketch number 24.
I played the part of a boy in Oliver and the production was over my 12th birthday...

Why I love Scrapbooking?

I was challenged to make a lo about why I love scrapbooking or similar words and also to use my fav colour. I love the pink and brown effect but also I have managed to get lots of managed toi use lots of my fav scrapbooking things on this lo too. I am quite pleased with the result

Flowery LO

I was challened to make a flowery lo so here is my take on the challenge...quite a fun lo really so I enjpyed this one

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Pencillines Sketch 32 - the 3 of us

This was set as a challenge for someone else but I thought I would have a go. The challenge was to use pencillinse sketch 32 with natural colours so here is my effort! The photo was taken at my cousin's wedding (its their first anniversary tomorrow so I good weekend to do this one!)

Clare & Boys

This was a challenge set by amanda to use i card stock, 3 patterned patters, a ribbon slide and photo anchors. This piccie of clare and the boys was taken last year and I always liked it so thought it would look good in my scrapbook!

Friday, 27 July 2007

Pencillines Sketch 42

Here is my take on the latest pencillines sketch. No 42

Oriental Themed Lo

I set the challenge of an oriental themed lo using red and gold for someone and then I remembered I had this paper and as Amanda loves the oriental stuff i thought it would be perfect to create a lo of her....lets just hope it meets her approval!!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Day off

I was challenged to use yellow, a ribbon and 3 pattered papers. As I am on a day off today I thought I would write down all the things I like doing on a day off and turn this lo into being about my day off!

Q for Queen

Another challenge whereby I made it into a page for my a-z album...I was told to use all blue shades, chipbaord and a quote (line from song etc) so here it is... Q is for Queen, one of his fav artists. The lyrics are around the edge of the page...the chipboard says about him liking them and its very blue!

L is for Laura....

As soon as I see this once upon a time paper I knew it would work well for my sister and then I thought about the harry potter stamps that are out as she is a fan. She ended up with a double layout for her page. I think it looks quite good.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Neopolitan Challenge

well this is the uks weekly challenge it was a neopolitan theme to celebrate the first ice-cream! I have used neopolitan paper from K&Co and I have been waiting to usethis for ages so very pleased!
I also had to use circles, these are the buttons, a large photo and chipboard (chipboard is the O and B letters)

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Comino Trip

Night Out

I had to make something using 6 flowers, 6 brads, stamping or rub-ons and orange. There are 6 flowers that have brads as the centres. the rubons are the brown square and there is no doubt that I have used orange!


This is another lo for a challenge. The challenge was to use black and pink 3 patt papers journalling and ribbon.
The three papers are the black then there is pink with dots and pink with flowers on.
The journalling is underneath the title that piece of paper lifts up to reveal my feelings about something that happened in my life recently.
I am quite pleased with how this lo came toghether....and I really didn't have a clue what I was going to use the black flowery background paper for so its always good when you use something you aren't sure you ever would use!

N is for Nan!

I had originally planned page N to be for "nineties" but that was before I was challenged to do a lo with something pink and a poem. When I decided on this the page came together so well I knew it had to go in my A-Z album! The poem was wrote by my sister especially for my nan's funeral. It is an amazing poem and she did a fantastic job of reading it out at the serivce.

The words of the poem are:
In her eyes, there’s a warmth so true,
It’d melt your heart when she smiled at you!
Gentle, smart, loving & kind,
These are the first words that spring to mind.
Devoted to her family was how she spent her life,
A Nan, a Mum and a loving Wife.

A fantastic talent to crochet & knit,
Even without a pattern, it would always fit!
Knitting for all the new babies born,
She loved it most when she could see it being worn!

I couldn’t listen all day to the funny stories she told,
About her mischievous children, the tales never grew old!
She was a fountain of knowledge, nothing she didn’t know,
When doing her crosswords this would definitely show!

I have no doubt that today she’s free and calm,
Happy in heaven, finding comfort in Grandad’s arms.
A special man she has missed for so long,
Back by he’s side, where she belongs.

Sleeping peacefully forever now,
Today nan takes her final bow.
She starts a journey to somewhere new,
We send out love until we can once again be with you.

Look into the sky late tonight,
You will see a star shining bright,
That will be nan looking down upon us,
Keeping us safe from the darkness above.

But before we say our final goodbye,
Here’s Nan’s saying to stop us cry!

When I was young I went to school to learn my ABC,
I jumped onto a nanny goat’s back and sailed to the Indian sea.
A Chinese man came up to me and asked me to sing a song,
And if I didn’t sing a song, he’d put me on the fire,
So on the fire he put me, and I began to boil
And all the time I was boiling,
I was standing on my head singing,
Astiky Waskty, oojah umbar,
Umbar said to Mego,
I chickalorum catching fishes singing a glorious song.

They cut me up with a knife and folk
And stuck me on a cabbage stalk
I felt so fat that I couldn’t walk,
I had to join the army,

The captain’s name was oojah, he had two big black eyes,
He played a tune on he’s whiskas, till the tears run down he’s eyes
He sang astiky waskty, oojah umbar,
Umbar said to Mego,
I chickalorum catching fishes singing a glorious song.

Goodbye Nan, until we meet again, sleep well,
We all love you so much! xxx

J is for Job

Here is page J for my a-z album...J is for job so this is where I work and the journalling down the side of the page talks about things I do it work. The company logo is at the top but i have blanked this out for obvious reasons!

Mum & Heidi

This most recent layout is mum & heidi down in Dorset. Both loved the seaside!
I was challenged to use 4 patterned papers, buttons, brads and a tag so I just about managed it on this lo!

scraplift - I love Flowers

Well as promised to myself I have finally done the scraplift. I have been wanted to do this for weeks here is the original - http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_g6xNxKv2xNE/RpALAPKdwRI/AAAAAAAAAHQ/9A2vWSA5Jvo/s1600-h/DSCF7210.JPG
I think the original was a lovely lo and pass my thanks for allowing me to scraplift this.

C is for Craft Room

Well after struggling with the 2 lo's yesterday I have produced this today. This is page c for Craft Room and I am much happier with this than the pages I did yesterday so thats a good thing. Off to think of something else to scrap now...I think I may so a scraplift!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Busy Saturday

I was out last night so it was a late night and as such I am tired today...I think thats why i am not feeling very creative! I went out this morning and got a new 12x12 tote for my scrapbook paper and I have re-organised all that I am sure it will be easier now I may actually be able to find what I am looking for! Since then I have worked on two challenge that were set for me:
This first picture was a challenge and I was asked to use something red, black and metal. I immediately wanted to do the U is for University page but the border above was on a white background which did not go with the pictures so I cut around it (took ages) and re-mounted it on the black it looks better I think. The photo at the bottom of the page are my 2 best friends form my first year at uni. Sadly we havent kept in contact.
This second page was a challenge to use something pink, lilac flowers and buttons. Its not very clear but the paper is pink with liac doodle flowers so that worked well. I am not sure about the "school days" sticker as its not in with the colour scheme but it was the best I could think of.

I am not sure if I am running out of ideas & or photos but scrapbooking seems very hard this weekend. Lets hope I can produce some more exciting lo's tomo.....

Wednesday, 18 July 2007


This is a scraplift challenge from uks. It is also my first attempt at doodling...or should I say stencilling as I am too useless to doodle. I thought it turned out ok but I may look into getting a nicer stencil this one was a freebie from the scrapbooking inspriations mag a few issues ago

F is for Friends

Well my page is finally here. I had printed some photos to do my F is for friends page last night but the print head failed so I gave up. I then found a sketch on the pencil lines website that I really liked - no 41 and I thought that i would make that into my F is for friends page....So I managed to get the printer going tonight re-sized my pictures to fit and here is my effort! I used the K&Co papers I think they are the hopscotch range and the stickers too. I am quite pleased with this lo

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

V is for....

V is for VW! This was my first car! A VW Jeta. I passed my driving test on 11th Nov 1994 and this was the car that was waiting for me. Back then this was an "A" reg vehicle and it was 1300 engine. It had an awful interior (beige brown checked colour) and one of those automatic chokes it was also heavy on petrol...but it got me from a-b and as I was at college and had a bus pass i didnt need to use it much. I had the car a year before I got a "C" reg Jeta.

Monday, 16 July 2007

D for Dad

Today I have had the day off work and helped my friends move. That kept me busy and as a result I am quite shattered tonight! Needless to say i didnt cook dinner and the diet is out the window till tomorrow as we went to pizza hut!

I have managed to do a scrapbook page tonight this is the weekly challenge theme on uks but also fits in nicely for my D is for Dad on the a-z album of me.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Alpha scrappbook page G

Well no I am not all the way to page G of my alphabet scrapbook yet but there was no rule to say I must work in order was there?!
This is the first page I had the inspiration for so I thought i would do it straight away. There will be some hidden journalling behind the photos once I have all the DOB's etc. ...as sadly most of my grandparents have passed away.


Well its been a busy day today. This is not the only scrapbook page i have created but the only one I am putting on at the moment! I was going to do some more scrapbooking today but after i got back from Asda and the Range I was invited out to Castle Park in Colchester with a friend and children so I went over there we had a picnic...weather stayed quite reasonably and it was an nice afternoon.

When I got home, someone had challenged me to scrapbook my sunday so the page above is my effort, luckily I had taken the camera out with me earlier so I got a few pcitures. The background page is from the once upon a time dcwv stack which I bought today so it made sense to use some paper that I had bought today too. This is not my usual style so I think it turned out ok.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Another lo

I was challenged to make a pink and girlie lo and use ribbon so this is what I came up with. Its a photo taken on our recent holiday to malta we were relaxing in the evening with cocktails listening to live music. Very nice!

There are 2 sheets of 12x12 used they are both sandy lion and they are the same papers but in negative of each other. The blossoms have worked well and the page does look girlie.

A-Z scrapbook

I have decided to do an A-Z scrapbook.

The idea will be that this is a 27 page scrapbook the first page is the title and thereafter i do a page from my life for every letter of the alphabet so as an example:
A - anniversary
B - Brother and so on

Not sure if anyone is already doing something like this but I was struggling for something to do and needed to use some stash up! So i thought it would help.

Also gives me an excuse to buy a new album!I have just done my title page which is here

Monday, 9 July 2007


This is my second digi effort which is made of the july freebie from shabby princess. The title went quite well with the picture really. I need to try another now and see what i can come up with

Sunday, 8 July 2007


Well today I finally decided to give digi a go. this is my simple effort but I didnt think it was too bad for a first attempt. I have printed it too but I am not sure I like digi as much as normal scrapbooking. I am pleased I gave it a go though and I will probably do some more too.
I have been looking at the pencillines sketch challenges....www.pencillines.com They have some lovely stuff on there so I thought that I would have a go and see what I could come up with.

This is the first LO i did from the sketches. It is number 37. I had seen another couple of people have a go at this sketch and I really liked it. I have done an inversion of the sketch they put up lo wise. The photo was taken recently in Malta and the background paper is the BG pheobe range which I really like. The little words were a free gift form a magazine that I had not got round to using.
This is an attempt at the sketch 38. This photo was taken around Feb/Mar 07 at our friends house. I thought it would be nice to scrap it but had not decided on the perfect lo then I see this sketch and thought I would have a go.

I did these last night. I was hoping to do some more scrapbooking today but I am not sure if I am feeling inspired enough to do it....perhaps I need to go scrapbooking shopping instead!lol

Saturday, 7 July 2007

I have been busy scrapbooking this afternoon. How I got anything done is beyond me as firstly the printer was playing up and then the robo but I did manage to produce these.

This is a challenge for UK - the house challenge and it had to be about home and mono. So this is what i came up with. Have always wanted to scrapbook home before so this was a good excuse. There is a summery piccie of the house and the other one was taken in the snow. The papers are doodlebug.

This is the weekly challenge. I thought I would use some holiday photos for this one and I think I have been very brave to include a photo of my in my bikini! The paper is from the remenise range but I have cut it about a bit to make it more interesting!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Home now...

Just thought I would upload some holidya piccies. I have just downloaded them to the pc (that was a job in itself as the camera battery had gone flat) I have not had chance to scrapbook these yet but thought I had better share some!
This first picture was taken on Comino - its a small island off Malta and we had lots of fun getting a speed boat over to the Island. We then had to climb what was like a mountain but it was worth is as this was the kind of view you got as seen in this photo - the island behind me across the water is Gozo. It was on the top of Comino that I got sunburnt!
This second photo was taken on Monday. We are at the aviation museum. It was a really interesting place and I learnt a lot about WW2 and the importance of Malta. I did not realise this before. My great uncle was based in Malta and my Grandad North Africa although I believe he was in Malta briefly too. I had no idea of the history there and I think I need to do a little more reading on the subject. It was a really interesting place to go. The photo is me with a map of malta behind this is a photo I would really like to scrapbook so just need to think of a theme for the page now.

The holiday was great we did a lot and relaxed a lot. It is also as nice to be home and in my own bed though! Just catching up on the washing mountains now!