Saturday, 30 June 2007

From Malta...

Thought I would pop by here for an update.

We are in Malta at the moment, this won't be a long post as the costs of being online is quite expensive from the hotel.

We are having a lovely time its very hot, just a shame that I managed to burn my back on the second day here though!

We have done some sight seeing and been across to Comino on a speedboat which was really cool we also had a personal tour of the blue lagoon.

We have been around on the buses quite a bit - the older style buses are still here which is good (remembering them from 10 years ago but I thought they had been replaced)

We have also spent some time by the pool.

The hotel is lovely and the food is also very good, much better than we have had before.

I have taken about 150 photos so far so there should be no whinging of not having anything to scrap by the time I get back - I will just be wanting to find that "perfect paper" or embellie to buy instead!

Monday, 25 June 2007


This is the weekly challenge on UKscrappers for this week. The challenge was to include a George Michael song as the title, friendship, pink and something bling. This is my friend Emma. She died when we were 18 as she was involved in a car accident. I found these photos a couple of days ago and they fit in perfectly with this weeks challenge. Emma was a great friend and is missed.
This is the beloved new car! I am jsut wondering what car will be next...he has finally got the car he has always wanted but I am sure that it won't end there.

We have been to town today and he had an eye test so we have debated all afternoon over whether or not glasses should be purchased! Had a lovely lunch out too. Not sure I will be doing anymore scrapbooking tonight now.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Jan's challenge to me...

Jan's challenge to me was to use 4 photos and 2 papers along with a few buttons.
I had these 4 photos already printed but wasn't really sure what to do with them so we ended up with this! The 2nd paper is under the title and there is some journalling which says it was a visit to Colchester zoo as a mothers day treat and that mum enjoyed looking round the elephant house and feeding the elephants.
It was a very cold day though for the end of March but as we know the English weather is very changeable!

Scrapping Sunday...

Last night I scanned up lots of photos so that I would be prepared for lots of scrapbooking today but the majority of the pages I have done so far, I have used some of the photos I printed up ages ago so thats good news.

This first lo was inspired from another blog challenge so thats come out quite well so far.

The second layout was a challenge inspired buy a sketch. This is my friend and I in London recently.

The third LO was inspired by a challenge although it went wrong and I did not meet the challenge the LO still looks good as the pictures on it are very strong. These photos were taken on a trip to Munich back in April. My husband loves bmw's and wanted to see the factory. We did also visit the temporary BMW museum which will no doubt end up the subject of another LO!

Friday, 22 June 2007

well I had not really planned to do any scrapbooking tonight but I have been following the instant challenges thread on ukscrappers - and also challenging some others so when I was challenged I only felt it right that I got on and done my page.

My challenge was to scrapbook using 2 patterned papers and 3 photos. Not as easy as you first think. finding 3 photos on a theme was hard enough but to then find some papers "to match" was even more difficult. I settled on the black daisy paper having chosen the photos and couldn't find anything else to tone in. So thats when I decided to use my second paper in the heart on the bottom right of the page.

It was nice having a challenge although it made me realise that I really do need more photos. My stupid printer had a hissy fit whilst printing too so I had to do the pictures twice as well.

I am off to bed now as very tired.....

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Late night crafting

Well...there was more inspiration in me than I thought - these are some pages put together tonight from picutres of me as a child...I have scrapbooked these in 8x8 as against 12x12 as the photos are smaller and not very good quality.
I have tonnes of albums on the go though...I do wonder when the 8x8 will get filled?

Productive Evening

Well I am pleased to report another productive evening. I have managed to do two lo's tonight.
The first is a lo of my husbands new toy. He is in the construction phase of a garden railway and this is something that will run on the railway!
The other page is a me as a toddler this was a day out at Southend Sea front and in the background of the bottom right picture you can see Southend Pier. My grandad is in the photos too - not sure where my nan was but I couldn't find any pricutre with her too?
Not sure what I will be doing with the rest of the evening though????

Wednesday, 20 June 2007


Tonight since getting home from work I have made a scrapbook page, this is quite good for me as I don't normally get much scrapping time during the week. This is my page. I have wanted to do scrapbook pages of my grandparents for so long but never really got around to it. This was my effort at the weekly challenge on UKS this week. The theme fit in really nicely and it was a great opportunity to done something I wouldnt usually do - and use the things in my stash that I never thought I would use!

After my scrapbooking I decided to visit the sale on capture the magic website. Am quite pleased as i spent less than £20 and managed to get myself 35 or so items including some stickers and things that i would not usually buy due to the cost. If you have not already been there you may want to have a look.

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Penpal Meet Up

Back in 2001 a group of us that were penpals did a x stitch round robin. We finished it in about October 2001 and we decided that rather than posting them back that we should use this as an opportunity to meet up.
We were from Essex, Lincoln, Birmingham, Bradford, Newcastle so York was considered a reasonable distance and it November 2001 we all met up to hand our round robins back to each other.
We had a lovely day together it was nice and Christmasy in York with the markets there too and we all got on well.
These photos were taken outside York Minster of us all together (and some of the children) and recently I found these photos and thought they would make a lovely scrapbook page. I was pleased with the results.
I am still in contact with a couple of the people we met up with but sadly as time goes by some people stop writing. 2 of those here are very good friends of mine and we try to meet up whenever we get an opportunity no doubt you will see more pictures of the three of us as thius blog continues!


Hello, just thought I would let you know a little about me and my blog. My personal details are on my profile so you can find those out there.
I plan to use this blog to keep you updated with my crafty projects. I am a scrapbooker mainly. I did enjoy card making but as I enjoyed taking photos scrapbooking seemed the obvious progression really! I get to keep what I make (well I do make presents for people too that are scrapbooks but can keep my favourites)
Hoepfully you can follow what I do!
I am new to blogging to bear with me if I am not doing it as well as some others!