Tuesday, 22 November 2011

more lo's i am on a roll....

Well i didnt expect to be back so soon after my last post but i have been busy! This first lo is using some old bo bunny papers i have wanted to scrap these pics for about a year but never found a way of arranging the photos so glad its done now!
The second lo is based on this weeks pencillines sketch..little monkey doesnt like the sand very much - not that i can blame her as neither do i! These are fancy pants papers.

Now we have some my minds eye halloween papers from last year...again this photo has been waiting a year to be scrapped.

This next lo was a class of the a trip down memory lane blog from last July i wanted to do this one for ages but never got around to it - perhaps because it involved paint but i finally got that one done too ...i bought the paint so had to use it!

Next we have the 2010 christmas photo and i had to scrap this one as it was the best of a bad batch of photos as little madam didnt want her picture take - luckily the 2011 one is slighlty better than this!

So thats my update i think i have managed about 8 or 9 lo's this month now so i am quite proud of myself for that! Its amazing what happens when you have a tidy workspace!

Thanks for reading


Thursday, 17 November 2011

I do still scrap...

Well this hasnt been easy...i usually blog from my phone but the cropper program for the photos wouldnt work, then they wouldnt publish so i decided to do it from the computer and then i couldnt upload the pics from the phone so after a few bits of cursing i eventually managed to email them from the phone to the pc and crop and then realised i didnt have a clue on the blogger password so had to recover it!!!
Well just to prove that i do still scrap i thought i would share some lo's! I do go to my crop most months and tend to get a couple of lo's done but i have been bad at scrapping at home.
I did this first lo at last months crop its a professional piccie we had done back in july and i really like it.
This second lo is my friend and i with emily at framlingham castle back in april and look at what a sunny day it was. i did this lo at this months crop.

This next lo is another from last month its quite bright and funky so i was pleased with how it turned out ... some piccies i have had for ages too so always good to scrap those.

Then amazingly i have had some time in my craft room tonight, i thought i would clear it up and get down to business so i produced these 2 los. This first one i have wanted to use the photo and paper togther for months but never managed it. Then i see this weeks pencillines sketch which was perfect so i adapted the sketch and did this.

In an effort to be a better team member on uks i decided to do the weekly challenge. It was to use autumn colours, cut photos, glitter (the brads at top) and use paint....yes i did get the inks and paint out for this lo most unusual for me as i hate paint but the edges of the photos are painted red. Again i have had these photos for ages and not sure what to do with them so very pleased they are finally scrapped and i think its a good lo.

So there u go thats me, i do still exist and try and use my craft stuff...thanks for reading and hopefully i won't leave it so long next time