Sunday, 12 October 2008

Cheered me up

Well look at this lot! I went to the craft fair at Hintlesham this morning....I think I only really made purchases from the gogo stall but thats cos they had some excellent bargains...a paper box was the biggest demand cos they were 10 for £1 and that included accetate and some other nice bargains. Luckily I waited patiently and was about the 3rd person to get my hands in that box it was lucky i went early. I think my £4 or 40 items would have usually totalled well over £25 so i was quite impressed.
I also enjoyed the £1,£2 and £3 box where I picked up the alphabets and stuff.
My fav purchase was not a bargain as was the only thing I went for hoping to get and that was the gorgeous gogo flowery stamp in the front so very pleased with that.
Overall I spent £26 but I imgaine the RRP was well over £70 so thats put me in a good mood for today!

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