Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Photoshoot and Feb scrapping

Well this will be the 2nd time I have done this I did a really long post and now I cannot be bothered to type it all out again - blogger lost my post!

We had some photos taken a couple of weeks ago a family photoshoot by my friend Sarah - www.itakeyourphoto.co.uk Here are a couple of my favs.
This one of all of us turned out well its quite natural looking - only ended up like this cos Emily was bored of being held!
This is possibly my favourite - and it was the first photo Sarah took!

Well Feb wasn't the busiest month for scrapbooking but managed 7 lo's. I was hoping to share the stories behind them with you but since blogger ate the stories I am not sure I have the energy to type them all out again!
These photos were taken when Emily was 3 days old - me very keen to go out with the pram and Iain pleased to finally be able to use the parent/child spaces at Tesco. It was a bit of a laugh!

This is when Emily met her great nan and second cousins.
The royal i-mac - my mums most prize possession that my brother conveniently named!

Cuddles with James & Becky on 1st Dec

This is when Emily and Katie met for the first time, Emily 6 weeks and Katie 5 - it was sweet watching them touch each other!

Finally a lo with a photo of me in May when I was around 20 weeks pregnant.
Again sorry that I have not typed more but if I loose it again I will cry!
Thanks for looking x


Penny aka Pennyk said...

well done on so many LO's. I just love the first photo of Emily- although the other are really good too.

Amanda said...

Well done more fab los had to laugh at the one of your mum n the imac the pp work so well for that lol and the photo shoot pics are just gorgeous

Sue aka Greyhound Lover said...

Beautiful photo's of Emily, lots of gorgeous layouts, love the endless love LO, well done you xxx

Mel said...

Great photos and what lovely LO's. Really like the one of you pregnant, you look radiant and sooo happy.