Monday, 3 May 2010

A-Z album part 1

Well I have decided to do an A-Z album as a keepsake for Emily to give her as a birthday present when she is older and will appreciate it. It is one lo per letter of the alphabet and was quite easy to choose the page titles and then find the photos. I had most of the photos in ones that had been already printed so an excuse to use those up too. I have had to print about 6-8 extra's i think.
To make this different to the norm I have decided to go for A4 landscape style lo's. So far I have done 6 lo's for the album and I am really pleased with how they are coming along. This is the title page. I have not done A yet as I am waiting for a photo so b is Bathtime.
C is for Cute.
D is for daddy.
E is for Emily.
F is for Four Friends
I have used some old kits on some of these lo's (as well as a new one too) it nice ot re-use some pp's or photos too.
Hopefully the rest of my photos won't take too long as I have another 3 albums on the go that I want to get finished soon too.
I have also ordered some stamps and promarkers so going to have a go at card making in the week hpoefully watch this space!
Thanks for reading x


Amanda said...

they are really lovely and a great keepsake for her when she is older look forward to seeing all the other pages and also some cards when you get round to doing some

Karen said...

Wow Elaine what lovely pages and what a beautiful idea for Emily when she is older. See you on Saturday xxx

Toni said...

gorgeous layouts, love every one of them, she is so sweet xx

Sarah said...

That is so lovely - what a beautiful keepsake for Emily.
I love those photo's of her, so cute.
Can't wait to see the next few :0).
Have fun with your stamps and promarkers.