Monday, 28 September 2009

Since Finishing at work...

Well another busy month has passed and I really don't know where the time has gone. I finished work for my maternity leave on 17th and had a fantastic last day. I was so spoilt. Here is a picture of some of the presents we had. Actually I should say that bubba was so spoilt! She got some fantastic things and has far too much already. Am just hoping she really is a girl or I will have lots of shops to crawl back to asking them to change things!

I had a day out last Saturday went to the scrapbook show at Alexandra Palace. I must say that I was a little disappointed this time. There was much more stamping and card stuff than scrapbooking bits and pieces. I know I havce bought a lot of stuff lately but most of what i have bought wasn't there anyway. So I think I only managed to spend £45 which is about the least I have ever spent at one of these events! I did get some nice things though. I had some more of the flutterby range by Bo Bunny and the Little Sprout journalling book by Fancy pants which I may use as a mini book for baby not too sure yet we will see! AS you can see there are some other odds and sods there too. I was really hoping to get cosmo early bird range but as they didn't have it I have now ordered it online!

I have also managed to do 8 lo's this month so far which is quite good for me. One of those was a weekly challenge too so I should get some points for my uks team this month! These are two of the lo's I have made I have not photographed all of them as I put 5 away before I realised i hadn't taken pictures of them! This lo's is based on the trip to vegas and I am quite pleased with how its come out.

This photo below was also taken in vegas on my 32nd birthday! Despite it being about 4am to us because it was my birthday i still decided we needed to go out for a meal so we went to Planet Hollywood and the lo is based upon this. I have used the crate papers - prudence.

Finally, I am now 37 weeks pregnant, not long to go really. I am not too fed up at the moment despite being really keen to meet little bubba. Its been nice having a week at home and I have started to sort out the baby's room but there is still quite a lot of stuff to do up there. I will get their gradually but I am sure I have another few weeks of being at home yet so no rush is there!

Yesterday we went on the annual trip to Duxford for the showbus event with Iain's family. It was a lovely day but again the boys were a bit disappointed by the lack of stalls there and stuff to buy - anyone would think there was a credit crunch on!!! I did manage to get this photo of Iain & I though. I wanted the photo as the other night FIL phoned to check I hadn't given birth and mentioned not doing it on the bus! Anyway when I put the phone down, it ocurred to me that we were going out on the bus I used for my wedding transport an then thought "oh dear what if I did go into labour with my first born on it!!" Anway depsite the bouncy about on the bus, bubba stayed firmly put and i think BIL was quite relieved as the bus has been recently restored!

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Amanda said...

wow you did get spoilt or shud i say bubba did from work theres loads there you did quite well to get what bits you did get at AP and i love the photo of you and iain with the bus all 3 of you together in front of it lol