Monday, 25 June 2007


This is the weekly challenge on UKscrappers for this week. The challenge was to include a George Michael song as the title, friendship, pink and something bling. This is my friend Emma. She died when we were 18 as she was involved in a car accident. I found these photos a couple of days ago and they fit in perfectly with this weeks challenge. Emma was a great friend and is missed.
This is the beloved new car! I am jsut wondering what car will be next...he has finally got the car he has always wanted but I am sure that it won't end there.

We have been to town today and he had an eye test so we have debated all afternoon over whether or not glasses should be purchased! Had a lovely lunch out too. Not sure I will be doing anymore scrapbooking tonight now.

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Amanda said...

Love the page you have done of your friend and glad you finally found a way to scrap those pics must have been hard but something to always treasure Love the page of iains car wonder when he will want another lol