Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christmas, Sales & JYC

Hello and happy new year. I have tried to catch up before but had trouble uploading photos to blogger but have managed to do it today.
First of all, we had a lovely Christmas. Emily was totally spoilt and here are just a few of her presents - the ones she opened at home - or rather we did on her behalf! As you can see she found the whole thing quite tiring and fell asleep before we could take her photo!
Here are all of her Christmas presents, after we got back from visiting everyone, i grouped them all together and took a photo so she knows how spoilt she was at some point in the future! There were quite a few clothes but these are quite hard to see in the photo.
Then we had to hit the sales - as obviously she didn't get enough for xmas! I must admit, I was quite disappointed with the sales. We got some nice things in Next on the retail park on Boxing day but the shops were really poor. I was very disappointed with the Debenhams Sale - they advertised "upto 50% off" yet I don't think I found anything 50% off most things were 20% off and as you can buy things that price on their special offer days I didn't think this was very good. The best shops for the Sales were Matalan and Boots. I got 4 outfits from Matalan for £17.50 and in Boots they had some half price toys. Here is a picture of the few bits she got in the sales.

Since being back home (busy week between xmas and new year) but I have managed to do some more of the JYC over the last 2 days. I am using the promts but amending them to suit the First Christmas theme. I am pleased with how the album is coming along so far.
Here are pages 9 - 11. I did page 10 as a double as I wanted to include the peppa pig paper that we wrapped Emily's presents in.

Here is 12 - 16. Included is a photo of my brother, sister and I when we were little so hopefully Emily will have a laugh at that picture in years to come! I was pleased with how no 13 worked out. The promt was around xmas carol or song and I was originally going to do something on fairy tale in new york which is my fav. Then I remembered the toy that sings "jingle bells" and how she loves it. She moves her head and feet to the music so i had to include this here instead.
Well I am now upto promt 16 of the jyc but whilst I am behind, I do not mind because I am really enjoying putting this book together. I have just uploaded and ordered 300 photos from Tesco which will be ready to collect on Monday so really looking forward to getting those scrapped.
I think I am going to add more photos to my blog for 2010 as I take so many. It will then be more of a record of what we have been upto too.
Thanks for reading and happy new year - i hope 2010 brings you all your dreams x


Amanda said...

Wow Emily did really well the jyc is coming along great and will be great to look back on when she is older look forward to seeing more piccies and los

Uma said...

well doen on all that scrapping - its fab as usual. Well done Emily on all her bargains.

Mel said...

What a lucky little lady Emily is! Loving your JYC looking forward to seeing it in real life.