Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hairbands and crafting!

Another busy day today, not only have I done lots of housework, washing and cooked a proper meal for dinner, we have had some crafting time again too!
Before I talk about that, look at this picture - I ordered this headband a couple of weeks ago and thought that it hadn't come but found the envelope on the side upside down so i had missed it. It was made to measure and luckily fits her really well. I think it looks quite I ordered another one!!!! This next lo is a kind of scraplift of this I have had this lo on my favs for ages so glad to have finally been able to do something with it. These are my little shoebox papers.
This next lo was the weekly challenge on uks this week. I have used an olf gogo kit for this one I cannot remember the names of the actual papers.
Also managed some more of the jyc too. Upto 19 now so getting there. Still pleased with my progress on it.
Well thats all for today, not sure what tomorrow will bring there is still too much snow here to go out i think. Our hill where we live is the worst if i didn't have that to travel on then i might make it somewhere. It REALLY bugs me that they don't grit it ever - not an A or a B road but bloody dangerous!
Thanks for reading x


Amanda said...

Awww how cute does she look with the headband love the los and the JYC is looking fab too your doing great with it well done

Mel said...

Aww, just caught up with your blog, loving all your LO's.

Jenny said...

Gorgeous layouts. Your JYC is looking great and wasn't your daughter spoilt this year :)

Uma said...

fab headband :o)
beatuiful LOs hope I get this much scrapping done when I have kids