Sunday, 22 July 2007

N is for Nan!

I had originally planned page N to be for "nineties" but that was before I was challenged to do a lo with something pink and a poem. When I decided on this the page came together so well I knew it had to go in my A-Z album! The poem was wrote by my sister especially for my nan's funeral. It is an amazing poem and she did a fantastic job of reading it out at the serivce.

The words of the poem are:
In her eyes, there’s a warmth so true,
It’d melt your heart when she smiled at you!
Gentle, smart, loving & kind,
These are the first words that spring to mind.
Devoted to her family was how she spent her life,
A Nan, a Mum and a loving Wife.

A fantastic talent to crochet & knit,
Even without a pattern, it would always fit!
Knitting for all the new babies born,
She loved it most when she could see it being worn!

I couldn’t listen all day to the funny stories she told,
About her mischievous children, the tales never grew old!
She was a fountain of knowledge, nothing she didn’t know,
When doing her crosswords this would definitely show!

I have no doubt that today she’s free and calm,
Happy in heaven, finding comfort in Grandad’s arms.
A special man she has missed for so long,
Back by he’s side, where she belongs.

Sleeping peacefully forever now,
Today nan takes her final bow.
She starts a journey to somewhere new,
We send out love until we can once again be with you.

Look into the sky late tonight,
You will see a star shining bright,
That will be nan looking down upon us,
Keeping us safe from the darkness above.

But before we say our final goodbye,
Here’s Nan’s saying to stop us cry!

When I was young I went to school to learn my ABC,
I jumped onto a nanny goat’s back and sailed to the Indian sea.
A Chinese man came up to me and asked me to sing a song,
And if I didn’t sing a song, he’d put me on the fire,
So on the fire he put me, and I began to boil
And all the time I was boiling,
I was standing on my head singing,
Astiky Waskty, oojah umbar,
Umbar said to Mego,
I chickalorum catching fishes singing a glorious song.

They cut me up with a knife and folk
And stuck me on a cabbage stalk
I felt so fat that I couldn’t walk,
I had to join the army,

The captain’s name was oojah, he had two big black eyes,
He played a tune on he’s whiskas, till the tears run down he’s eyes
He sang astiky waskty, oojah umbar,
Umbar said to Mego,
I chickalorum catching fishes singing a glorious song.

Goodbye Nan, until we meet again, sleep well,
We all love you so much! xxx


Busy Knitter said...

Beautiful lo. That poem is something else, such eloquent and touching words. Knitkath

Amanda said...

This is beautiful Elaine it should take pride in your a-z album well done hun beautiful poem

Anonymous said...

The poem is so beautiful, it made me cry!

Kae said...

Elaine, this LO is absolutely fantastic!! The poem is so touching, it made me cry... Deffo one to go into your A-Z album!!!

Peechy said...

what a sweet and touching poem, well done your sister.
love the lo, lovely and soft i love the pp title.

kathj said...

very touching and a perfect way to say all the things you need to.