Saturday, 10 January 2009

Colchester Croppers

Well today I have been to colchester croppers scrapbook crop. It was the first time I had ever been to a crop and I was very excited about going. I decided on good advice to not take stacks of stuff with me I didn't need and I was glad I listened. In the end I just took my November scrapagogo kit which was pretty much untouched and I had planned 6 lo's in the hope I might get most of them done. I was really luck and managed to do all 6 lo's with about an hour to spare as well. The lo's have been inspired largely by the gogo team but I am pleased with what I made. I have also pretty much used up the entire kit too which is good for me.
Here are my 6 lo's from today:

It was quite a productive crop all in all only 4 of us this month but there will be more next month so it will be nice to meet some more people too.


Penny aka Pennyk said...

Elaine so glad you enjoyed your first crop and did so many LO's and that my advice suited you.

Amanda said...

Wow you have done really well today glad you enjoyed the crop fab los :)