Sunday, 4 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Well I haven't been the best blogger lately. I did make quite a number of scrapbook pages before Xmas but as they were presents i did not want to blog them...just incase the recipients were following my blog!
Anyway christmas was nice and mum bought me a new album and some scrapbooking gifts from Artbase so that was nice to open Xmas day. I wasn't too well over Xmas and New Year with this nasty cold and cough but I lived through it and am coming through the other side now.
I think this year I need to tell you more about my lo's on my blogs rather than just posting the picutres so thats what I am going to try and do!
Today i printed some photos and prepared for my first crop which I am going to in Colchester next weekend. I am quite excited about that especially now that I know what I am hopine to do. Someone (you know who you are) said i should not take "the kitchen sink" although she really mean heaps of stash cos not even I would take the kitchen sink .. be too scared they would get me doing the washing up...anyway she suggested some page kits. So in the end my I spied my November and December scrapagogo kits sitting on the bed still so I dug out enough photos to make 6 lo's with the November kit. Lets see what I actually achieve!lol
The other thing I did today was finally backed up all my photos on to the hardrive my brother & sister got me for Xmas so I feel much better knowing those are done - i can acutally clear off some memory cards now! I also went through my photos and jotted down all the scrapbook pages i needed to do from the photos that I had taken but not used. There were 28 subjects so I guess that should keep me going for a little while!

I managed to do this lo today. This is my friends baby. He was a newborn in the top picture and 2 weeks old in the bottom. I went to stay for a few days and little darling slept all day...but was up all night so I thought the title was very apt for this lo! I have used pink paisley vintage moon papers and a few oddmets along the way.
Happy new year everyone reading this!

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